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flag st pic 2Some of my best memories during early childhood were in Flagstaff Arizona; this was during the mid 1970s. I remember hiking and playing on the massive rock landscape located behind my house and building snow forts in the winter with my brother and friends. My mother reminded me, I use to paint rocks and sell them to my neighbors; I guess you could say that was the start entrepreneurial carrier.

Flagstaff, AZ has grown significantly since I lived there; I now reside down the road in Sedona AZ. I alwaysflag st pic 1 look forward to my monthly trips to Flagstaff, for shopping and meeting up with my friends and Jewelry customers, sometimes there one in the same.


Selling Your Jewelry in Flagstaff Arizona

Sedona Estate JewelryWhen you’re contemplating on selling your estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, silverware, gold, silver and antiques, always seek out a professional with experience in this type of sale.

Take your time when selling jewelry and other valuables, consignment should always be the first option, unless you are in need of a quick sale. A quick sale will fetch a far lower price than consignment.

Give your valuables a little bit of time through consignment, so the item will receive it’s true value.With tens of thousands of dollars through consignment sales, I can tell you without a doubt, a higher price is a good thing in my book.

Jewelry and Antique Consignment Flagstaff Arizona

At Sedona Antiques & Jewelry we are a jewelry consignment service and Jeweler with over twenty years inSedona Estate Jewelry the Jewelry business. By using our consignment service you will receive the highest price for your valuables.

We sell your items through our worldwide network of both online and offline buyers, from one piece of Jewelry, valuable collections up to entire estate sales.

If you’re anything like me, driving between Flagstaff and Sedona is a real pleasure. So if you are taking one those wonderful drives, stop by our store in Sedona AZ or give us a call and make an appointment for a visit.We are looking forward to speaking with you, see you soon.

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