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Anyone living in Sedona, AZ and the surrounding areas, know the high desert can produce a significant amounts of dust. Diamonds being magnets for grease and dust, poses another way your jewelry can become dirty. Just by touching the diamond with your finger or any part of your body, can reduce the sparkle significantly down to a dull stone with no life.

Remember diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth, they can withstand temperatures over 1000 degrees, they can also cut into any type of metal and rock. Industry is a large consumer of diamonds, from diamond cutting blades to precision medical instruments.Diamond Cleaning  

 Cleaning Your Diamonds

• Water and ammonia mix (3w to 1a per gallon)
• Off the shelf jewelry cleaner
• Professional jewelry cleaner (Jeweler)
• Mild detergent (Cal Ben Liquid)

Simple Way to Keep Your Diamonds, Gold and Platinum Clean

Diamond RingBe gentle and aware of the settings, diamonds and gemstones can pop out if scrubbed to hard.
Soak your jewelry in the ammonia mixture overnight in your bathroom, once or twice a week should keep everything looking new.

Remove jewelry from the mixture, with a soft clean dry tooth or jewelry brush to brush away the dirt, rinse with warm water and dry with a hair dryer on low (don’t burn yourself), towel or jewelry cloth.


Other Ways to Clean Jewelry

There are other ways to clean jewelry, one is ultrasonic and the other is high pressure steam cleanersJewelry Cleaner available to the public, but buyer beware. The cheaper units if not used properly can sometimes loosen stones and damage settings during the cleaning process. It is best to have a jeweler clean your jeweler with a higher precision piece of cleaning equipment.

By using these methods, your diamonds and jewelry should shine and sparkle like they were brand new straight from the jeweler.

Please contact Sedona Antiques & Jewelry for any question on cleaning your jewelry. If you want to sell your diamonds, jewelry or use our jewelry consignment service, please contact us to make an appointment or stop into our Sedona, AZ location.

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