Scottsdale Art Walk Every Thursday

Art Walk in Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale Art Walk

Scottsdale Art Walk

When Sedona starts to slow down in December I am always looking for something fun to do, I usually have to take a little trip down to Scottsdale and Phoenix. One event I really like is the Scottsdale Art Walk every Thursday from 7:00pm until 9:00pm on Main St to Goldwater Blvd, free trolley rides.

What I like is the plethora of galleries that are presented on this walk. I love all the art but I am really interested in all wonderful jewelry designers, so for me it’s the Scottsdale Jewelry Walk. The galleries are always changing their inventory so if you go back a month from now you will see different items.

One of my favorite places to visit is “Teritorial Indian Arts & Antiques” these folks have been collecting quality Native American Indian art for 46 years, they really know their stuff. All I can say is, they have some of the best Native American Indian jewelry in the state, with exception of our store located in Sedona “Sedona Antiques & Jewelry” 

So if you get board sometimes during this time of year, go check out the Scottsdale Art Walk every Thursday.

Ornament Marketplace at Heard Museum Phoenix AZ

Native American Indian Ornaments

Native American Indian Ornaments

Another place I like to journey out to, is the Ornament Marketplace at Heard Museum Phoenix AZ, I call it jewelry for your

Christmas tree. Here you will find some of the most unique decorations for your Christmas tree and you home, these ornaments are Native American Indian inspired. You can’t pass this one up, especially since it is always free admission at the Heard Museum.


Lorenzo and Mary Tafoya Native American Jewelry

Lorenzo and Mary

Lorenzo and Mary Tafoya

There is one couple that stands out to me at the Heard Museum, Lorenzo and Mary Tafoya. This couple designs some really incredible Native American Indian jewelry, their use of turquoise, shells and apple coral is amazing. If you get a chance check out their work at Heard Museum or visit their website.

Here I have given you some ideas on where to spend some of your down time when your board, or even when you’re not board these are some fun places to visit.

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