Where to Hide and Where Not Hide Your Jewelry

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Jewelry Theif

Jewelry Thief

The number one reason crime and burglaries accrue is, OPERTUNITY, without that most would not happen.  When I worked for one of the richest men in the USA, home security was of the utmost importance, can’t get into details. What I can say, safety of the jewelry was never a concern for the client, because we never gave anyone opportunity.



Five Places to Hide Your Jewelry

1. There are a couple of companies that sell hallowed out books; this is a good hiding spot. Buy a couple so your jewelry is spread out and not all in one place.

2. A floor safe that is embedded into the concrete foundation or secured under a wood floor, this should also include a 

Clock Safe

Clock Safe

fake top to cover the safe, put this in a out of the way location.

3. If you have jewelry, gold or silver that you do not access on a regular basis, a fake bottom under a large house plant can make a great place to hide jewelry.

4. If you are a craftsman of you have money to spend, a fake safe wall is one of the best ways to hide your antique, vintage or new jewelry.

5. A garage is a great place to hide jewelry and other prized possessions, especially if you have a large garage, but a one car work well also. All those storage boxes marked Christmas, Halloween you get the point, stash them in the bottom, but don’t forget about them.

Remember, burglars want to get in and out as fast as possible, so they don’t want to spend a lot of time searching, so make it hard.

Places Not to Hide Your Jewelry

Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

1. I knew a guy that hid his Rolex, rings and necklaces in his sock drawer, well he does not he does not possess them anymore.

2. Unless you have a walk-in freezer, don’t hide your jewelry in the freezer.

3. When I spoke about hollowed out books above, one not to hide your jewelry in is a bible, for some reason they look for those.

4. The jewelry box, a big no no, if anything put fake jewelry in your box, this is a great way to throw them off the trail of your real jewelry.

5. A mattress is definitely not the place, unless you have some supper secret stash spot built into your bed.

Where to Hide and Where Not Hide Your Jewelry

A big gun safe will stand out, and maybe they will waste their time trying to break in, unless they have hours of time this can be a good place to hide valuables. Just don’t make it easy for the criminals to do their work; alarms are always a great deterrent. Remember, criminals for the most part are not that bright, so don’t give them the opportunity and you should be safe.

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